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What the CrossFitter on Your List Wants for Christmas


Tasty Treats

While the trays of delicious baked goods are plentiful, the CrossFitter on your list is probably taking a polite pass on the sugary treats! (most of the time at least). What they would really appreciate are tasty, but nutritious treats and snacks like beef jerky, dark chocolate, and salted or spiced nuts. I like the Drake Meats Beef Jerky because of it's low sugar content. Plus my mom grew up in the town where it's manufactured! It's available at local co-op grocery stores in Saskatoon.


Stocking Stuffers

Your CrossFitter's stocking is all about taking care of those hardworking hands!

Goat Tape is everyone's favorite athletic tape for protecting thumbs and palms, known for it's incredible sticking quality. It's available online or at CrossFit BRIO for $10.99 or 3 rolls for $28.99.

Hustle Butter is a tattoo aftercare product that has become our favorite moisturizer for dry hands and callouses. A luscious combo of aloe, coconut butter, mango seed butter, and more, it goes on thick and smells amazing! Available at CrossFit BRIO for $21.99.

Wrist wraps make a great addition to your CrossFitter's gym bag and can be found in many fun colors and patterns. Check out the selection at with prices ranging from $25-38.

Hand grips, too, are a necessary part of life with all work a CrossFitter does hanging from a pull up bar. We love the Bear Komplex grips, available on or for around $60. Rogue also makes a quality pair of gymnastics grips for $30.

WODROD is a gym-bag friendly, sand paper covered rod meant to keep hand callouses tamed and prevent horrendous rips. Available direct from the website in a variety of colors or on for $47.00


Mid-Range Items

A fancy skipping rope really does make a difference in the ease and efficiency of those double unders. Although a bit pricier than a regular skipping rope, the RPM ropes are highly recommended by many, many people in the CrossFit world. At, solid colors start at $55 USD, patterns go for $75, and custom options including engraving go for $85 USD and up. You can also find the Rogue branded RPM rope on for $71 CAD.

A weightlifting belt is a handy accessory when the weights get heavy. 2 Pood makes the best belts around, hands down. They are the official belt of the USA Weightlifting Assoc and their quality and durability is unmatched. Plus they come in a variety of fun styles from sparkly sequins, to camo, to storm troopers! Available from the website, a belt will run you $59.99USD + shipping.

Some days you just can't make it to the gym and it's handy to have a kettlebell or pair of dumbbells for a quick at-home workout. We like the progression kettlebells from Flaman Fitness in common weights 16kg ($63.84), 24kg ($95.76), or 32kg ($127.68). A pair of dumbbells also makes a convenient option for the occasional workout in your basement, garage, or at the lake! The rubber hex dumbbells from Flaman Fitness are our favorites as well, in common weights 20lb ($55.60/pair), 35lb ($97.30/pair), and 50lb ($139/pair).

For the girl who never skips leg day, booty shorts are favorite in her gym wardrobe! FLEO is the king (or is it Queen?) of shorts that keep those peaches covered in a wide variety fun prints, waist heights, and leg lengths. Starting at $44.95-50 USD + shipping, you often end up with more than one pair in your cart!


Higher End

Cannabidiol, or CBD Oil, is a non-psychoactive property found in the Cannabis plant. No it won't get you "high", but it does provide a mountain of benefits for the hard-training athlete such as muscle and joint pain relief, reduced inflammation, immune system support, reduced anxiety and relaxation leading to deeper, more restorative sleep. In a huge step forward for competitive athletes, the World Anti Doping Association removed Cannabidiol from their list of prohibited substances this year. With it's new found legitimacy and lack of negative side effects, CBD oil is now the go-to supplement for recovery.

We researched the best in Canada and now carry the 30ml tincture of Calyx 1000mg CBD oil (60 doses) at CrossFit BRIO for $139.99. It's is 100% organic, made with MCT oil, and lab tested at 99.5% purity!

New shoes are a nice way to spoil the CrossFitter in your life! Specialty weightlifting shoes such as the Nike Romaleos ($264.99) or the Reebok Legacy Lifter ($200) are both highly recommended. For day-to-day workout shoes, we like the variety of fun prints and colors available from No Bull ($172 - $212 CAD), the classic Reebok Nanos ($145 CAD), or the Nike Met-Con series ($175 - $200 CAD).

Their very own weight vest is a wonderful treat for the CrossFitter who has definitely made it on the nice list. 5.11 Tactical vests are the best in the biz based on the comfort and quality of construction. Their plate carrier will run you $322.60 CAD + shipping, and does not include the weight plates, which can be purchased from for $48 - $75 CAD.

Extreme Monkey also makes a similar plate carrier vest, available for $169.99 from Fitness Solutions in Saskatoon or online and this price includes the plates!

Extra Spoiled

When you really want to go all-out with the gifts, a spiffy new piece of their very own fitness equipment is sure to bring a big smile to your CrossFitter's face.

For a new barbell, Rogue is by far the best bang for your buck. A Bella Women's bar or Ohio Men's bar will run you $300 - $400 CAD and are even available in a variety of custom colors. A basic set of Rogue Hi-Temp bumpers (10lb, 25lb, and 45lb pairs) goes for $453 CAD but a similar set of Extreme Monkey bumper plates can be purchased from Fitness Solutions in Saskatoon for $400.

The Concept 2 Model D Rower is the world standard for indoor rowing machines. Great for a quick workout in the living room or garage when you're stuck at home and can't make it to the gym. They can be found on for $1249.00 with free 2-day shipping included for prime members.

The Assault Air Bike, too, is every CrossFitter's favorite machine to hate! Available for $1159.27 on, you can park one of these in your garage or basement and subject yourself to that soul crushing pain any time of the day or night!


Mandatory Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of these brands, companies, or websites. Other than the products that I retail in my business, I have no commission or affiliate link arrangements in place with any of these companies. These are all just products I use personally and come highly recommended from the athletes in my gym!


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